About a dream


Working on prints and stuff ~


Kitty in heat?

Why not try giving her a cats best friend?:

So we have moving boxes on piles and it starts to feel like we are actually moving and are done with it in a week~

Still also preparing for the Sweden rock festival and found out my lush things fit perfectly in our little lunch boxes~

Which is good as neither of them fit in LUSH’s own boxes, even if they’re pretty too XD 

Been studying like mad and also applied for some new courses later on and things are moving along in a steady pace. 

Also still somehow maintaining my healthier lifestyle with step count and healthy foods! I’ve even started to think it’s tons of fun and found two cook books I need to get a hold of later, because even if I have no troubles eating quorn all days of the year it would perhaps be fun to change it up every once in a while~

My quark and raspberries/fruit and stuff will not be replaced though, can’t imagine a better breakfast! Really keeps me steady in the mornings in a way I’ve never experienced before.

Now back to life and I hope y’all are doing well! Hugs! 


IKEA and moving

Today we have been preparing for the move in exactly a week. It’s gonna be tight scheduled for me as its the same day as I go to my brothers place to continue the day after that to Sweden Rock Festival too~

So I’ve been preparing with a lot of convenient stuff from LUSH to make sure I get to be hygienic and smell amazing even tho I’m at a festival~

Shampoo and conditioning cake and massage cake/body lotion! Smells of berries and chocolate and honey and some more pleasant lively scents! 

Then we also went to the worlds biggest IKEA today which at first seemed super scary to me as I don’t feel well in crowded and closed spaces for a long period of time, especially not if it’s loud -> children screaming, people chattering, noisy diners and everything at once. 

But then I noticed my main job for the day was to try out beds as I’m getting a new bed for the room I’m getting ~<3

I found one that I feel dead in love with, literally:

We also found a few nick nacks and a new coffee machine ❤

And also we had a coffee~ and the other two found nice closets and such! So that’s good and it all went pretty fast and wasn’t at all as painful as I would have imagined and experienced before~
On top of that my mind found the greatest isle in the entire world.

See, I despise uneven numbers, and I found this:

Now I have to do some more studying and try out the shampo-cake-thingy!

Hope y’all are having a great weekend and better weather than its here haha~ ❤

The freedom to flee

I’m currently sitting at a bus on my way to my close friend who lives in the middle of nowhere.

My brain hasn’t been all too happy about having people around me constantly, no matter how much I like everyone I’ve been around. All that plus a lot of thoughts and dealing with getting used to medications and everything made me so exhausted mentally. Drained.
So a bit of isolation sometimes is well needed.
I mention this because a lot of times I haven’t been able to filter and bring up that subject, and to be able to do that with the people I live with without feeling like they’re hurt by it as they understand is lovely. 

It’s also great to feel that I do have a few people always having my back, for real, as much as they can and as much as I’m capable of letting one do so.

I somehow in my restlessness managed to put my face together?

At least I get quite productive when feeling weirded out and restless.
Now I’m gonna try to collect myself and relax a bit.

Next week has a lot of things to come.

Also today we went to the house we are moving to and it feels like it’s gonna be real good, so that’s very nice too!
Good evening! ~

Growing up

  • people do it, and it’s weird and quite beautiful.
    Today we have been celebrating a good friends little sisters birthday, and she has had quite a rough past really.

Now she’s at a dream job and she’s doing better and it all seems to be going so well~ it’s a quite odd transition. She also looks so much more grown up?
Also – on people’s birthdays we wear lashes!

I also managed to take this typical food picture lol:

Too bad I didn’t get a picture of the sugar free chocolate thingies I made for the event. (They were actually delicious tho)

Speaking of food – I’m totally obsessed with these~!! And I can eat them and I love them! GAHAHRRGFGG

Also FairyCon sent some pictures and I just gotta share this one;

Now I’m gonna watch Snow Cake (AGAIN<3) 


Busy busy bee

Lot of things going on and haven’t had the time to just sit down and post a blog entry~ 

I’m currently feeling kinda anxious for some reason I really don’t know – maybe it’s the medication or not sleeping as much as usually. Hmm…
EITHER WAAAAY~~~ I tried these:

I swear to my cats – the rainbow FUN from LUSH smells amazing I love it!

Super convenient for people like me who like to travel and all too~ don’t want leaking liquid products for my hair and all in my bag etc and with FUN you can do pretty much anything haha

The tooth powder was weird to use at first, and I originally only was gonna try out the tooth fairy as it smells like itd taste like candy haha, but it didn’t, it tasted — LUSH? I wasn’t too fond of the scent of Atomic but the girl in the store said its amazing for irritated gums, and dang it was! Can just rub it on the gums directly if wanted that~

I ended up putting both the Tooth Fairy one and the Atomic into the same container and got quite a nice – even though odd – mixture and my teeth and gums felt nice the entire day even after eating and all! 


Got to see one of my sisters a quick little while too, which is always inspiring as she’s so very energetic and always working on some interesting super project pretty much~

Once worked for her as a face painting clown and that was ——- special. Hahaha!

Can you even try to imagine?

I mean:


It looks like a job for me, right? Hahhaha 

Hope all of you are doing well~ I’m gonna rest my drowsy butt now.

Good evening!

Hello sunshine~

(If you’ve watched Snow Cake now you’ll sing the title hehe)
Today’s been productive!

After some super nice breakfast in the sun to charge up for all studies~

During the study session and cleaning something dropped in the mail too-

My #savethelions bracelet!

Percentage of this handmade beautiful jewelry goes to helping protect lions!

I also got a few phone calls done and some walking done and we saw a little rabbit running round so I had to take a picture (or four) of it!

Other than that I’ve been having skin care discussions with a friend who also just appeared out of the blue like people seem to do now xd 

Talking about eating seeds and raw potatoes and all yanno haha!
I’m not sure too many know I actually went to stylist school before and my teacher I had there is a dermatologist, so we learned an awful lot of interesting tips and tricks.

Maybe it’d be fun to do some blogging about those skin care recipes if you guys would like that? Just simple but super effective life hacks from basically ordinary breakfast stuff haha!
Hope everyone has had a good Monday and will have fun stuff to do throughout the week!




<33 one of my best friends this little cat

I really don’t have much to say today other than that it feels amazing to feel how my will to be active and get back on track with all my wishes and dreams is back again~

Like a fresh start and it feels like it’s gonna be good and I just can’t wait to share it with y’all.
Life has its ups and downs but heck, when it’s been real bad and it starts to feel good again, it’s just so wonderful.
Been reminiscing some old YouTube series I used to watch a lot which I probably will share here too later on with a couple of friends today on different occasions – all from real funny series to very life inspiring and artsy series.

Good evening y’all ❤